Our services
  • Identification of sources of financing;
  • Analyzing the eligibility of the beneficiary;
  • Drawing up application for funding and budget planning;
  • Drawing up a business plan;
  • Preparing market and feasibility studies;
  • Checking the documentation required for the file;
  • Writing request for funding and filing files;
  • Communicating with the relevant institutions;
  • Support for the signing of the financing contract;
  • Implementation services (drafting of reimbursement requests, payment requests, supervising supplier activities)
Steps to a successful project

Client Information -> EMAS

Eligibility Analysis -> EMAS – Free

EMAS Resolution -> Client

Signing Service Agreement -> EMAS + Client

Writing and depositing Project -> EMAS

Project Evaluation -> Managing Authority

Signature Financing Contract -> Client and Managing Authority

Project Implementation -> EMAS + Client: 3 months – 3 years